The perfect skirt that always fits.

Perfect fit and luxurious yet bold vibe

Doenya suede and leather skirts are known for their perfect fit and luxurious, yet bold vibe. The skirt lets every woman create a look which is both feminine and comfortable. 

The Doenya summer collection has muted as well as bold colors, and a choice of timeless and trendy waistbands. Skirts come in four lenghts (micro, mini, knee and ankle) and are available with our without a pouch clip-on system.

Quilt free Fashion

The Doenya production process allows for guilt free fashion. We build our designs on the materials available. This means there is little to no waste of material and every collection is truly unique. The ingenious wrap around design will fit anyone size 32-44 (European sizing). For curvier figures we also supply a skirt to fit size 42 – 50.

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