Leather and hide accessories.

Leather and suede care product line

Where you’re caring for your leather bag, pouch, jacket, suede skirt or even your horse-riding accessories – we have you covered with our newly introduced leather and suede care product line.

With Doenya Delight you can rest assured knowning that you’re using the highest quality products on the market.

Leather skirts, pouches, jackets. Suede skirts or even horse-riding accessories.

Doenya Leather and Suede Delight comes in 300ml.

Our leather care is free of silicones and solvents

Doenya smartphone cases are handmade with 100% genuine leather.

Smartphone cases

Don’t feel like taking a bag with you, but do you want to bring your smartphone? Doenya handmade leather smartphone case ‘Arri’ is the solutions

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